This'll only hurt a little bit.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

OK kids, here it goes.

Exciting times, huh? Worried? Me too, but not enough to freak-out. You shouldn't either.

But, judging by recent events, in a diaster, we are on our own. At least for a little while. I am going to try to make this a decent list and clearing house for ideas and resources to help us prepare for a disaster. I am aslo going to ask my friends for some help, because we don't have to be alone during these times. We are Americans, and we should help each other.

This blog will NOT deal with politics. I don’t have time or the room for that, not to mention that a lot of this is going to cross much of the spectrum. So there! A lot of the sites and resources I'll be blogging about have a very different viewpoint of the world around us, and are doing preparedness for (sometimes) different reasons. I'm OK with that. And you should be too. Welcome to America and all our different lifestyles and ideas. I won't be resourcing hate groups or the like, so don't worry (although I if they have a good idea I might crib it without giving them credit - they can kiss my ass!).

Now, go buy some water and put it under your bed.