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Friday, October 27, 2006

Preparedness NOW! Book review

I just finished reading Aton Edwards new book 'Preparedness NOW!'. All I can say is WOW! Dude has done a great job of providing up-to-date info. Published after Hurricane Katrina, this book covers all the topics, even if some are a little farther out then I might think

Our friends over at SurviveLA went to an event for the book back in July and gave it big props too.

Here are some of my thoughts on the book;

A must have. Really, if you only pick up one book on the subject, this is it.

Comprehensive, really good and up to date, with check lists in the back as well as references for online research and ordering.

Well written, without being overly sensational or pedantic, with an emphasis on Green. Aton makes a concerted effort to not come off as fringe-element or urban warrior and does a good job. No reason to scare the natives.

I disagree with some of the generalizations regarding firearms usage – I don’t think that shotguns are the best for home defense due to heavy recoil and limited range with standard loads. Pistol caliber rifles are better IMHO (we still need to discuss this in-depth on another post).

I don’t agree with the tactic of getting under things to protect against falling debris. The Triangle of Life is better. Or get in between two sturdy objects.

A blizzard omission - Remember to keep car windows cracked when trapped in snow storm – may cases of carbon monoxide poisoning due to poor ventilation.

Here's his site


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